Hamilton East School

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Hamilton East School moved to digital reporting via Linc-ed at the end of 2017. And this year (2018) we are moving to goal based progressions reporting within Linc-ed now that National Standards have been abolished. All goals are from the NZ Curriculum.

Parents are required to provide a personal email address (in preference to a work email) when enrolling their child. 

 A parent account is then created for each email address on Linc-ed and parents can log in and see all reporting on their child for the duration of their schooling at Hamilton East School. Different parents can have their own account making it easy for all to access reporting.

Once you have enrolled a child and they have started school, go to hameast.linc-ed.com/wp-login.  php . Just click on Forgot Password then it will let you put in your email address and send you a new password. You don't even have to remember it because you can do this each time you log in. 

Once you are logged in, click on the photo of your child at the top of the page to access their reporting.

Please note we have had parents report that they have had issues accessing Linc-ed when using Internet Explorer.

Reporting is done after a child has been at the school for 6 weeks, 20 weeks and then when they turn 6.  From then on all students move to mid-year and end of the year reporting. 

With time and as we become more familiar with Linc-ed, it will be used more extensively to share students learning with family. 

If you have any issues logging in please speak to the office or email Sheryl Nagels, DP.